London Protest on 27 July 2012

Message from Drop Dow Now campaign group in London:

We have just today confirmed the final arrangements for our last pre-Olympic demonstration.

We have a protest at Stratford, outside of the main Olympic Gates, on Friday! So far as we are aware, we are the only group that has been granted such permission!

I was unable to send out any details of this before hand as we have only today, finally, agreed it with Olympic Security and the Police. They are only allowing us to do this as they know that the Bhopal Medical Appeal have been peacefully, and lawfully, demonstrating against Dow since their London Olympic Sponsorship deal was anounced and they trust us to continue in that vein.

We will be gathering just outside of Stratford tube station (time to be confirmed). We will be escorted, by security, around to Westfield Avenue where we will be allowed to have a die-in in full visibility of the main gates to the Olympic Park. We are also very close to Dow’s own main Olympic banner so that may help make interesting pictures.

The directions for our meeting spot are: Come out of the Northern Ticket Hall, Stratford Tube Station, turn right onto Montfitchet road and security will greet us in the roadway there.

I must have a definite number for this protest so it’s vital that you RSVP to


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